Problem or need service, installation or maintenance assistance with your IT products?

Your desktop/laptop needs special care as it not only holds valuable information and data, both personal and professional, but is also your gateway of connectivity to the outside world. You would obviously want expert care for your IT systems. Experts who are at call should you ever need any help protecting your system, retrieving data, upgrading your hardware, anything at all. AES’ team of experts are always available and just a call away.

AES is there to help you

Installation and setup
Preventive Maintenance/Periodic Checkup

AES is there to help you

Wireless modem & router.

We are solve of your IT products, so you don’t have to distress about their breaking down.

Essential Problem with your Product
No Display
Operating system crashed
Not Powering on
System Slow
Wireless not working
Printer not working

Possible Causes

Power supply/electronics circuit failure due to high voltage/short circuit
Normal failure of components such as RAM
Operating system crash due to virus attack
Hard disk failure
Check if the data LED is blinking in the modem
Reset the modem
Check the connection with the system
If IT Products related any problem then please call AES at +91 9818062257, 7840001726